WWII Okinawa

Okinawa after the WWII battle


My father (in picture) was stationed on Okinawa as a hydraulics mechanic in the Army Air Corps near the end of World War II.
He was drafted relatively late in the war as he worked for Grumman in Bethpage, Long Island where he helped build TBF Avengers (doing hydraulic and other work).

He passed on to me a group of photographs. These were digitized with either a macro lens on a Oly 2000 or a Canon Lide 30 scanner. Some of the originals are in very poor quality.

All are presented in the slide show below. The comments (in yellow) are inscriptions on the back of the scanned pictures. Due to the script, I assume my mother wrote them most likely after my father returned stateside.

My mother, after his death, gave me a map he drew while on his voyage to Okinawa aboard the USS Harris.

This sort of map was prohibited in the event it got into the wrong hands. He didn't talk much about the whole experience, which I suppose is common for WWII vets.

Okinawa SlidesJourney MapUSS Harris